The only moral litmus test that matters: Is it natural? If it isn’t, it’s wrong, period…

_ The Unnamed One

Religion is a set of principles designed to bring man closer to perfection. The founders of every major religion claimed to have a direct connection to the divine (or enlightenment in the case of Buddhism). But what authority do we have to ascertain the legitimacy of such claims?

Statements such as “and the Lord said unto me” are deemed sufficient proof of divine inspiration. Faith is the vehicle whereby man accepts such statements without question.

But have we been duped? How do we know the divine spoke to these men? How do we know a particular religion is indeed true?

As humans, we are physical creatures. Everything from the way our bodies work to the way we feel, even our intellect and emotions are the direct result of physical phenomena. There is nothing about us that cannot be explained through science. In essence, we are natural and physical.

The Divine, on the other hand, is Supernatural. It has neither a body nor emotions. In essence, it is the exact opposite of us.

So how does one ascertain what is and isn’t right? How can physical man discern that which is not physical?

Religion claims to know the answer, but none of them agree. Some men, in desperation, or perhaps frustration, have adapted a postmodern worldview: “truth is subjective and all paths lead to god”. Such a view is fickle, inconsistent and hardly the product of a “perfect” entity.

The Divine, the Creator if you will, has surely left a guide for man to follow. A treatise on spiritual matters by a man claiming to speak for God does not answer the question we should all be asking: what makes this particular path authoritative above all else?

In truth, there is one guide that all men can see, that was not created by infallible man. That guide is nature. Natural Law is the direct result of the Divine. It is the one thing that remains consistent at all times, that never deviates from it’s principles.

Man, in his arrogance, has placed himself above Natural Law and in many respects above his Creator. In so doing, he has brought about destruction and chaos and in the event that he does not return to his natural state, will bring about mankind’s extinction…

It is time for us to humble ourselves and return to the laws given to us by the Divine. It is time for the abasement of man.