Balance In An Unpredictable World

By Jameyson

February 22, 2019

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Life is unpredictable and offers both rewards and obstacles, ups and downs. While we tend to thrive on the blessings and rewards, we shun that which is not comfortable or pleasant. The birth of a newborn is welcome news, but the death of a loved one is a blight to be despised.

We go throughout our lives yearning for that which bolsters, encourages and inspires us to greatness. Rarely do we revel in that which destroys or defeats us, yet in nature, the two polarities are one and the same.

The weather that nurtures us with radiant sunlight destroys us through drought; the rain we so desperately need for our crops can easily lay waste to a small village. Waves are a delight to the avid surfer, yet the bane of many coastal cities.

In a world of polarity and never-ending flux, the one thing that doesn’t change is life’s tendency to bombard us with extremes. We are like tiny ships on a stormy sea, being tossed about in every direction. Some experiences are wonderful and remind us that life has much “good” to offer. Yet other experiences test our faith and fill us with darkness.

The impact of such extremes could easily make us unstable and fickle. To counter this, we must create balance within our own lives and learn to accept that which we cannot control. The Serenity Prayer says it quite well:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

When we refuse to accept the “bad” things that will inevitably come, we find it difficult to cope. But the truth is, our feelings, wants or desires have no effect on the experiences life dishes out to us. We will receive both positive and negative experiences and our peace of mind, happiness and overall stability will depend primarily on whether or not we can accept them.

Life can often be cruel. It dishes out both blessings and curses indiscriminately. When we learn to view the positive as a blessing and the negative as a test, we can appreciate both. It is no longer a matter of “good” vs. “Bad”, but of blessings that reward and tests that build.

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