By Jameyson

February 22, 2019

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Goals are those elusive little things that everyone claims to have, but few actually own. They flitter in and out of our lives like some Willow-the-Wisp, never leave more than a trace upon our soul.

We set our goals, declare our intent to reach them, then allow discomfort to make us into liars. Our “New Years Resolutions” are never really “new” because we make them every year, then break them shortly after. The resolve to lose 15 pounds goes out the window at the first sight of mother’s wonderful cherry cheese cake. We decide to be better people, only to act like heathens when someone cuts us off on the highway. Rare is the man or woman who sets a goal and a year later has reached it.

The key to effective goal setting is being realistic and honest. If you know you really don’t want to quit smoking, why would you decide to do just that, only to fall flat on your butt? If you have never been able to lose 15 pounds, why not simply lose 5? Set your goals based on what you are willing to do and what you honestly can do. If you use this method to set future goals, you’ll find greater success and less failures.

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