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Maldives Uninhabited Islands

Deserted Maldives IslandAccording to Atolls of Maldives, there are approximately 1,200 islands in the Maldivian Archipelago, 200 of which are uninhabited. With lush greenery and a tropical climate, many of these islands are a paradise waiting to be claimed by the adventurous soul. But before you pack up and head off to one of these islands, make sure you’re aware of why it is uninhabited. Many of these islands are abandoned for good reason.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Maldives Islands were evacuated due to rising sea levels.

Despite the problems of erosion due to rising sea water, many of these deserted islands are clearly inhabitable. And if you’re willing to make the journey, you could live out the remainder of your life in your own tropical paradise.

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